Lin Wei-Lun
“It’s only when I am stood staring at the lapping waves, rising steadily up Brighton beach that I realize I miss home. The calm sound of the seawater washing up the shore, the gentle breeze, laced with salty water, brushing against my skin. It feels familiar.

I left my home country of Taiwan after graduating highschool, and I never really looked back. Not until I went to the seaside. My studies and works took me to Hong Kong, England, and Vietnam. In all these disparate geographies, I found myself being pulled towards the sea, where I would be transported back to family holidays spent swimming in the seas surrounding Taiwan. Memories would flood back of my father, a beach lifeguard in a former life, teaching me to swim; sea-food meals with the extended family on the beach; my inebriated uncle telling stories about the fisherman grandfather whom I never met.

It took me a few years to find my way back to Taiwan, but when I did, I set off on a car journey along the east coast to take this series of photographs. Between here and there is a visual record of my nostalgic feelings for the sea.”

Photo essay “Between here and there” is featured in The Light Observer magazine Vol.3

© Lin Wei-Lun